Goat Prices:

$200-$300 for Registered standard sized, short coated bucks.

$300-$400 for Registered, standard sized, short coated does.

$350-$500 for Registered Miniature lines of does and bucks.

An entire goat starter kit can be purchased also and includes: Chaffehaye

100% cotton PS Halter,

Himalayan Salt lick, minerals, and Hoof trimmers...  $100

Goat Discounts:

$50 off  if purchasing multiples!

(use code "MORE GOATS")

$50 off each goat if bought without registration papers!

(use code "PET")

$50 off for Returning Customers!

(use code "LOYAL")

Can't find what you're looking for? You can still reserve fainters from does and bucks that will be next on our breeding schedule!


Color, conformation, eye color, size and polled genes contribute to determining the price of our goats. As a rule of thumb, the following attributes are added to the base price:

Color...(Blue, Brown, Flashy and Striping are desired)... $50

Blue Eyes:...$100


Polled (hornless genes)... $100

Conformation... $50

Delivery: We offer delivery within a 200 mile radius for $1/per mile (round trip). Contact us to discuss options.

Customers who reserve kids, or who are on our waiting list, receive first choice. We'll note these with "RESERVED".  If you are interested in a kid who is "reserved", contact us and we'll let you know if it becomes available.  Once they have made their selections, and submitted a deposit, we'll update the kid's picture with the note, "HOLD".  Once we've received the full amount for the kid, we will note is as "SOLD".  If you see a note saying "RETAINED", we are keeping them for the farm.  If you don't see these notes over the kids, they are offered for sale and looking for a loving home."

"All kids after being weaned will receive , worming, vaccination (upon request), and hoof trimming prior to being transported to their new homes. 

We'd like to ask new owners to consider registering their goats. It is inexpensive and helps to preserve the blood lines of this rare and wonderful breed of goat. All kids will be sent home with a registration package with the necessary breeder information completed. Your kid's pedigree will also be included in your package.

16277 Robin Rd.

Bella Vista, Ar 72715



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