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Find your city's rules on keeping chickens in town:

Expect your Black Stars to produce 280-330 eggs per year!

Your girls will dispose of all your excess scraps

Any donations are much appreciated!

Join the trend!Have your own backyard flock


If you fill out this form we will put you on our waiting list. I will send you home with one chick per household member (including children of any age, as they are NEVER to young to start)! We are raising Black Star sex linked chicks (gender colored), so you should get all pullets (girls). If you get a roo or need a home for your flock later on, we will gladly take them back. :) I will start incubating eggs in the spring (March 2018) and will get batches of 20 or so every 3 wks. We are a small operation, but feel compelled to start anyways. So feel free to check in with us and see where we are at. Thanks, Candice 

Question? Give us a call

Buy our chick box starter kit for your new flock! $149.99  $129.99

Easy Clean System

  • Eco-Friendly/Made form "Upcycled" materials

  • Handcrafted

  • Kit Includes: Box, Heat lamp and 250 watt bulb, Thermometer,  Feeder, Waterer, Bedding, and Raising a Flock Book


16277 Robin Rd.

Bella Vista, Ar 72715


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