Fainting Goats as Pets. Fainting Goat or Myotonic Goats Owners Manual


A fainting goat is a medium sized goat and is one of the most interesting one among various goat breeds. It is also known as the myotonic goat, nervous goat or scared goat. You see, when this goat is shocked or surprised, its muscles freeze for 10 seconds and it simply tips to one side. This is a rather dramatic sight that has made the quirky breed popular. Besides this, these goats can produce good quality milk and are known especially for their reproduction abilities. The goats also have a certain body conformation that is distinct and sought after. It is important to understand when you are bringing home a fainting goat that this animal needs special care and attention. They are seldom found in the urban set up. They are usually raised in large numbers on farms and also in designated commercial set ups where there is ample professional help available to take care of these animals. If you are planning to bring a goat home, on the other hand, you must invest a lot more time doing your homework and research about this animal in the first place. You must be sure that you can take on this responsibility before you make a commitment. This book is perfect for a first time fainting goat owner. Covered in this book: - History - Things you must know - Where to buy - Making a home for your goats - First days at their new home - Housing - Daily care - Seasonal care - Feeding - Grooming - Understanding goat behavior - Training - Transport - Milking - Breeding - Health and well being .... and a lot more.

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